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About Knotty Blocks

What's this Knotty Blocks stuff about, anyway? 

Well, Knotty Blocks is made up of two people, two sisters, actually. The little business runs out of our homes and is supported by our new and returning customers along with our family and friends who pitch in at a moment's notice to make our little dream a big reality.

We are Becky Hiltner and Liz Vos and we create memories and keepsakes that are sure to hold a special place in every home! Our products are all handcrafted. We make generalized products as well as completely customized pieces. Add your favorite family photo, corporate logo, slogan, child's name, special event or dates. 

Growing up on a farm near a small town, our imagination and creativity were allowed to run free on a daily basis. We have been working together all our lives to come up with creative ideas and the trend continues to this day!

Knotty Blocks has become a fun hobby...but it's not all we do. Becky spends her days enriching the lives of her students as an elementary school teacher while Liz is a writer, chronicling the lives and events of central Minnesota in multiple publications. 
In addition to our careers, we are also both deeply involved in supporting families battling pediatric cancer through the Nicholas P. Koenig HERO Foundation 
It is safe to say that we stay busy all the time!
Thanks for learning a little bit about us!  Don't forget to stop by the testimonial page if you have something you would like to share with the rest of our Knotty Blocks family.
All our love and creativity, 
Becky & Liz