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Size: 3.5 Inches deep by 1.5 Inch High, Varying in Length from 3 to 11 inches. Details: These blocks are essentially our fabulous Loft Blocks, flipped on their bellies! Details such as names, events, dates, grandchildren or family members names are added to the 1.5 inch side of the pine board. Customize even further to match any room decor or theme. Perfect For: Mothers Day or Grandmothers day. Wedding presents with the wedding date and the couples names. The possibilities are endless!
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  • "I have ordered many different items through Knotty Blocks from things for myself, to gifts for grandparents, and gifts for weddings! One of my brides even cried because it was ..."
    Dawn Richter
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  • "I love our name blocks! And I am so excited to see my friends reaction when she sees the blocks you did for her daughter! They are so adorable!! Great ideas!!"
    Jennifer Houdek
    so excited!